Rental Information

All Reservations are made online at Civic Recreation by clicking here.

The basic cost for the rentals are listed below:

 Multi-purpose Room Annex, Meeting Rooms/Board Room/Fitness Room: * $20 per hour with a 2-hour min or $200 All Day

 Baseball/Softball/Soccer Field: * Single Field: $25 per hour, Single Field All Day: $150, Specific Field Prep: $20 (additional per field)

Travis Outlaw Basketball Courts: * Single Court: $50 per hour with 2-hour min, Full Gym: $100 per hour (2-hour min), All Day (ten hours): $500 plus a $250 Deposit nonrefundable ($750 All Day)

Pool Rentals: Currently 2021 there are no pool rentals at this time. Will begin Rentals in 2022.

Outdoor Courts, Basketball, Tennis, Pickleball, Sand volleyball: * $10 per hour, $75 All Day

Special Rental opportunity for Events and Tournaments available. Please email: