McKee Park

Location: 500 Lynn Lane
Size: 39.25+ Acre Community Park
McKee Park ranks as one of the most highly used parks in Starkville.  The park is located directly across from the Travis Outlaw Sports Complex and linked by a delineated bicycle/pedestrian path. The park contains a range of lighted youth and adult sports facilities, allowing both day and night use for tennis, basketball, and baseball.  Several pavilions and open play areas are located within the park, along with accompanying restrooms and auxiliary storage buildings. 
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  • (6) Lighted Youth Baseball Fields
  • (3) Batting Cages
  • (4) Tennis Courts
  • Concession/Restroom Building
  • (1) Basketball Court
  • (1) Group Pavilion
  • (1) Restroom Building
  • (1) Restroom/Pavilion Building
  • (1) Playground Facility
  • Paved Walking Path
  • (275) Parking Spaces