Time Clock

The City of Starkville is now using a new electronic timekeeping system Kronos that will replace our current time card systems for all staff effective January 2021. This change has been introduced to help make the timekeeping process easier for all staff. A user-friendly system, Kronos, will improve payroll processing efficiency and provide employees and supervisors with up-to-date information about hours worked and etc. Employees will no longer need to fax, email or hand-deliver time cards. Instead, a user-friendly online system is what will be used.

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  1. Navarrete Ashford

    Chief Operating Officer/HRD
    Phone: (662) 323-2525, ext. 3124

  2. Michelle Polk

    Administrative Assistant
    Phone: (662) 323-2525, ext. 3134

  3. Stephanie Halbert

    Assistant Human Resources Director
    Phone: (662) 323-2525, ext. 3128