Rental Information

Tournaments - Field Rental Form - click here (PDF)

Starkville Parks and Recreation Department hosts a variety of tournaments throughout the year. The calendar (click here) shows facility availability. $100 deposit required for single-day tournaments and $250 deposit required for multi-day tournaments. All daily rental rates include a staff member on-site for trash pickup and cleaning of restrooms. If your organization wishes to rent a field at an hourly rate or at the daily rate, please either fill out the form and email to Gerry at, or contact the office at (662) 323-2294. 

Outdoor Pavilion/Indoor Facility Rental Form - click here (PDF)

Rental Policies:


Tables and Chairs

The Travis Outlaw gymnasium is equipped with 30 round tables (6 foot diameter), 8 rectangle tables (8 feet long) and 380 chairs. A diagram must be provided of the requested event setup for rentals at the Travis Outlaw gymnasium.


1. Facility is not reserved until all deposits and fees are paid.

2. Facility must be adequately cleaned before renters leave the premises at the conclusion of the event. Renter must either arrange for a cleaning service or pay SPARD staff for cleanup at a rate of $50/hour.

3. There is limited access to electricity (for bounce houses, food or other purposes). It is recommended that all renters provide their own generators.

4. No balloons allowed inside the gym UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. These cause the ceiling sensor in our fire alarm to trip and requires the Fire Department to reset. Any event allowing balloons inside the gym may be assessed additional fees.

5. Depending on the size and type, events may require Starkville Police Officers to be hired for security. Please contact Andy Round at 662-323-3141 to request officers.

6. Any cancellations made within a five business days of the event will result in all deposits being kept.

7. The renter agrees to be solely responsible for any and all damages related to and arising out of the use of the Facility during the term of this Agreement when the Facility is being used by the renter. The renter agrees to be solely responsible for all repairs or costs of repairs to the Facility and for any and all related damages as set forth herein.

8. Renter agrees to abide by all posted park rules and applicable city ordinances.

9. All lights should be turned off and all areas rented should be left clean and in an orderly fashion. Any damages discovered or which might have occurred during the rental should be reported to the SPARD office.

10. No alcoholic beverages are allowed in the parks.

11. No loud music or boom boxes are allowed. If the police department or SPARD are notified about loud music, the renter will receive one warning. If the noise continues, the rental will be considered cancelled and no refunds will be issued.

12. Pavilions may be rented for either a half day or full day. Half day rentals must either choose to rent from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. or 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. unless otherwise approved by SPARD staff.

13. No more than one gym rental is allowed per day due to setup restrictions. The gym will be available for set up beginning at 7 am Monday through Friday, and beginning at 11 am on Sunday.

14. Anyone who abuses the privilege of using an SPARD facility may be denied future rentals, including the revocation of any application already approved for future use.

15. There shall be no fund-raising activities, door charge, or sale of any article for private gain unless written approval from the SPARD Director has been obtained.

16. Gambling in any form is not allowed in any facility.

17. No hanging decorations are allowed. Absolutely no tape or staples are to be used in ceilings or walls.

18. Chairs, tables or other city property is not to be removed from any facility for any reason. Outdoor use of tables or chairs that are stored indoors is not allowed.

19. Any lights and thermostats shall be turned off and all doors locked upon leaving the facility.

20. Permits are non-transferable.

21. Permits for groups composed of minors will only be issued to an adult who accepts responsibility for supervision of the rental.

22. All activities shall cease and the facility be cleaned by the posted closing time unless otherwise approved by the City of Starkville Board of Aldermen.