Sanitation and Environmental Services

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City of Starkville Sanitation and Environmental Services Department

The Sanitation and Environmental Services Department collects residential garbage and provides commercial dumpster service within the city. The city consists of two collection zones which focuses on solid waste services for our residential customers.  


The City of Starkville Garbage Collection

Garbage is considered as solid waste accumulated within a household.  During the scheduled garbage collection days, we also pick up small rubbish.  Examples of small rubbish are as follows:

  • Bagged leaves (10 or less bags)
  • Small tree trimmings/hedge trimmings
  • Small furniture (Ex. chairs)
  • Small appliances (Ex. microwave oven, electric heater)

All solid waste to be collected by the City’s curbside service must be placed out by 7:00 a.m. and within five (5) feet of the traveled portion of the street and shall not block or impede travel on the city sidewalk.


The City of Starkville Rubbish Collection

The City of Starkville Sanitation and Environmental Services also provides rubbish collection. Please call office (662-323-2652) for additional details regarding the schedule.

On rubbish days, we collect bulky items such as:

  • Bagged leaves (10 or more bags)
  • Large tree trimmings
  • Large household appliances (Ex. refrigerators, stoves, washers, dryers, ovens, hot water heaters)
  • Large furniture (Ex. sofas, recliners, mattresses, grills, weight sets, etc)

Solid waste/rubbish resulting from tree cutting contractors, construction, demolition or renovation, including do it yourself projects, is not house rubbish, and it is the responsibility of the property owner, contractor and/or tenant to remove.

Solid waste /rubbish resulting from property clearance, stumps, logs and tree trunks, not considered to be trimmings, shall not be permitted to be placed on the street or the curb or the sidewalk, and the responsibility for removal is that of the property owner.

We do not pick-up commercial rubbish for business, churches, and apartments


The City of Starkville Landscape Division/ Street Sweeping Services

The City of Starkville Sanitation and Environmental Services also oversees the Landscape and Right of way cutting.  Services are as follows:

  • Maintain city right of way year-round by tractor and lawnmower
  • Mowing, Weed-eating, Blowing sidewalks right of way year-round
  • Keep limbs and branches trimmed back off sidewalks year-round
  • Assist with the sanitation operation also
  • Assist with litter control
  • Spray Herbicides 
  • Assist with the street sweeping operations
    • If you would like to request services, please call the office (662-323-2652) for additional details regarding the schedule

We offer a second recycling drop off location for your convenience off S. Montgomery and Academy Road near the Fire Station every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from the hours of 8:00 am to 2:00 pm!  

Alleycat Location

Holiday Schedule

To stay abreast with our holiday schedule and alternate garbage collection days, please refer to the City of Starkville website or click the link below to view the holiday schedule.

2023 Holiday Garbage Collection Schedule